We have built our reputation on the quality of our work.  We strive to give you the most for your money by providing top-notch equipment and being thorough.  Not cutting corners.  We want our work to stand out above the rest.  Below are some of of our standard services we offer.  Feel free to contact us for any of these or for any custom service.

  • Preventive Maintenance to heating, air conditioning and ventilation.
  • Mechanical equipment Audits and Surveys.
  • Repairs to heating and air conditioning systems including chillers and boilers from
    5 to 500 tons and from 50,000 btu to 5,000,000 btu.
  • Installation of new heating and air conditioning systems for New Construction or
    Retrofitting existing structures.
  • Service and Installation of controls and building automation systems.
  • Consulting Services and Energy Audits
  • Service Energy Logic Waste Oil Heating Systems and infrared systems. Includes sales, design, service and installation of same.
  • Building Automation and Controls