Energy Management
Creating a comfortable environment for your employees and customers is vitally important to any business, but so is saving money.  Having a properly designed energy management system will help to control your costs.

We are National Systems Integrators of TCS-Basys building controls and licensed Commercial Comfort and Energy Specialists for Honeywell.  We can create a customized energy management system to help you get the most out of your heating and cooling units.

Whether it is a single thermostat or state-of-the-art building automation, Spaeth, Inc. can get it done.

Waste Oil Heaters

Do You Want FREE Heat?

Many businesses already have a heating source available that is going unused and are literally throwing money out the window using traditional heating sources.  If your business produces waste oil, you can have free heat.

An Energy Logic waste oil heater uses waste oil from #2 fuel oil to 50 wt. gear lube to create heat that is clean burning (approved by the EPA) and free.  No more disposal fees and you only need your current heater for emergencies.  Energy Logic waste oil heaters will pay themselves off in a short time.

Spaeth, Inc. has been servicing and installing waste oil heaters since 1991.

Contact us to schedule an evaluation and price quote today for an Energy Management System or a Waste Oil Heater.


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