About Us

Company History

Our company was originally formed in 1913 as a sole proprietorship owned and operated by E.F. Spaeth under thepic1 name of Kansas City Plumbing and Heating. The company operated out of Kansas City, Missouri for 27 years. In 1940, Mr. Spaeth moved the company to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and formed a partnership named White and Spaeth, which operated for 7 years. In 1947, Mr. Spaeth bought out the partnership and renamed the company Spaeth Engineering Company. The company again became a partnership owned by the sons of E.F. Spaeth in 1956, and on January 1, 1970 the company was incorporated. At the time of incorporation, the company was renamed to Spaeth, Inc., which it still operates under to this day. Ramon A. Spaeth, son of the late E.F.

Spaeth,retired on April 15, 1991 becoming the last of the second generation of owners. The current stockholders and operators of the company are two of Ramon’s sons, Kevin and Steve, along with a son-in-law, Dean Gillmore. Steve’s son Brian joined the company in 2005 with plans to continue family ownership. Through these years our company has been continually growing and changing. Our company has been flexible enough to keep up with the industry changes, and yet strong enough to prosper in business, even during hard economic times.pic12
Our company is currently operating as mechanical contractors; installing plumbing, heating, air conditioning. In 1972, we added preventive maintenance service to our line of work. With the advent of the computer industry in the 1980’s, we added the installation and service of energy management and building automation systems. We service most name brand systems and currently are installers of TCS Basys controls. As interests in environmental concerns began to grow, we chose to become a distributor and installer for Energy Logic Waste Oil Heaters. These heaters are UL listed and EPA approved to cleanly burn waste oils. This conversion from a waste oil product to heat energy not only provides free heat, but it eliminates the liabilities associated with the transportation of the waste oils.